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I went out few days ago to visit my kid brother,while we were talking by the roadside a motorcycle passed us by with his passenger (a woman and her kid) few mins after they passed we head a loud noise ( the sound of the motorcycle falling) we all rushed down to see if they aren’t injured. They were both OK and we left the scene of accident. About 5mimutes later this woman and her kid hopped on this same motorcycle and zoomed off and everyone there myself included said the woman has a strong mind for her to ride on the same motorcycle that made her fall.

Most people there even said they would rather walk to where they’re going or pick another motorcycle instead of the one that made them fall. This scenario really got me thinking that this is the mistake we make often times.
There’s a Yoruba adage that says “ bi esin ba da ni a maa tun gun ni” meaning if one falls we have to rise up again. Often time we fall and we don’t learn from our mistakes and we blame the people around us for our misfortunes and predicaments. The woman that fell could have blamed  the motorcycle rider for what happened to her  and the kid  but she choose not to and even went ahead to take this same motorcycle to her destination. The morale of this is to tell ourselves that it doesn’t matter  the number of times we fall or make mistakes we should make the decision to rise up again and press further. There is a quote I came across once and I’ll leave us with that “ winners are ex-loosers who did not quit” make that decision today.

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