Women dressing “then and now”.

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Cloth is a major way of covering ones nakedness. The development of attire and fashion is an exclusively human characteristic and is a feature of most human society. Nigerian women are known to be lovers of fashion from time immemorial, they wear certain clothes, jewelries so as to beautify themselves and make them have the woman look.

There are different ways Nigerian women express their fashion taste in the olden days and most of these ways are still in vogue till date. Then they mostly wear clothes like Iro and Buba in different shades and styles some prefer it short which is now known as Oleku. The fabrics then are tie and dye now known as Adire, Ofi (weaving) which surprisingly is still in vogue now though in different patterns rather than it was in the olden days.

Amazingly, different events in history have influenced and changed the way people dressed throughout time. Some of the most popular fashions are classic, they can stand the test if time and hardly ever go out of style. They only experience minor changes in order to keep up with trends. Other clothing items could be considered fad styles that are only popular for a short season and then they are forgotten and never worn again.

Skirts and dress fashion have changed and varied dramatically between the 1920’s to the present as well as within each decade. With the economic boom in the 1950’s, pencil skirts were very popular fashions and as we proceed into the 80’s, dressing became short and provocative however loose and flowing dresses were also notable trends.

It is notable to know that our dressing has an impact on our personality first and subsequently our lives. In our society, your dressing is a display of what your pocket is and also a way for people to express themselves. It can be a way to standout or blend in with the masses. Fashion plays a major role in our society as designers have movie stars wearing what they decide the season calls for. Every movie star and television program hosts has carefully chosen what look they want to portray. Even youngsters today argue that we must learn to go with the flow and therefore taking up new trends is the next best thing in fashion industry.

Our appearance is greatly affected by the clothes we wear and its with this reason that a growing number of people have begun to question whether we should stick to our traditional attire or follow western trends. Western trend however tend to offer freedom of expression as you can add your own taste to your outfit in order to look chick and classy which in turn sends a message as to the kind of background you come from and that you’re in touch with the world.

Our dressing represents our culture and identity. Promoting our culture is important because if its not promoted by us nobody else will and this will likely make it(culture) go extinct. People who travel out of the country tend to adapt Western trends and therefore forget their culture and national identity. We should however keep in mind that our identity is represented by the way we dress. Our culture is our identity and must be portrayed as such.
An adage says “dress the way you want to be addressed”. Let’s therefore dress decently and moderately.

Kolawole Opeyemi.

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