No choice but to love (Episode 1)

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Six months after the events that led to breaking things off with Pamela, it did not take much to convince me that I needed a fresh start; a new place without any reminders of the pains and ache that she brought to me. There were only two places in the country that would be satisfactory: Lagos and Ibadan. Lagos is a bustling city, well developed with a lot of sights and places that will not leave a person bored and socially stunted. With my career, it would be the perfect place to put down roots. I would have a lot of clients. Everybody needs a shrink: Someone who they can pay to listen to their issues and at the end give them advice on how to deal with said issues which is perfect because if there is one of the things I’m good at, it is knowing how to listen and give helpful tips.
There are two problems though: Gridlock (traffic congestion) and the noise. Lagos can be LOUD. I have only been there a handful of times and each time, I always got frustrated to the point of nearly puncturing my eardrums. Perhaps it was because of the areas I stayed in during my brief visits. Maybe if I had stayed in some of the uptown areas, I might have liked it there a little bit more. Anyway, the damage was already done. There was no changing my mind.
Ibadan, on the other hand, is not as insane as Lagos but there is plenty of hope. The traffic issue is not as crazy as Lagos, thank God. There are malls with cinemas: strike two. Gyms and exercise parlours are quite plentiful as God knows I like to keep fit: strike three. The markets are full of a diversity in foodstuff and fruits. What I may not have been able to get in the conventional markets, I would get at the malls. And lastly, Wale was able to find out about a teaching position at the University of Ibadan in the department of psychology with a particular focus in behavioural psychology which I was able to secure thanks to my first, second and doctorate degrees that I acquired overseas. Honestly, this country is messed up.
So, the choice was quite obvious. I resigned my position at the University of Abuja and moved to Ibadan to start a new life. And what a new life it was.

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