No choice but to love (Episode 2)

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I had one of the two two-bedroom flats in the compound of four flats in an estate just off Ring-road. After signing the required documents and paying all necessary fees for the next three years, I moved in on a Friday. The movers would arrive with all my stuff the next day. All I had to do before then was just know every nook and cranny of the flat, the compound, the estate and the surrounding neighbourhoods. That would take a lot of time as I could not do it all in one day.
My plan was to live low-key style and I had every intention of sticking to that. I had the house agent provide some basic information on the occupants of the other flats so I would know who and what kind of neighbours I would be dealing with. What I got was not much but was a little informative. The flat above me which was the second two-bedroom flat was occupied by a couple. They had no kids of their own yet but the wife’s seven years old nephew lived with them. Why that was, I had no idea and it wasn’t my business. They were gone on holidays and would not be back until January. The caretaker was expected to notify them of the new neighbour, namely me but that really was not a problem of mine.
The second building was made up of three-bedroom flats that were empty pending the time interested people came along. This would work well for me. No noise and even less contact if it could be helped. I had a 1987 Ford Mustang Convertible and a Harley Davidson Low Rider FXS1200 (my babies and I loved them) and as there was enough parking space for twelve cars, there was plenty of room for my car and motorcycle. The space that was available would have taken another set of flats. I wondered whether the house owner preferred a spacious environment.
After the movers brought my stuff on Saturday and I had put everything in place the best I could, I dressed very casually, took out my glasses and took my Harley out for a ride to get a feel of the area. I stopped, first, at the security post to familiarise myself with the guards. After that I just drifted, enjoying the wind in my face, the sound and vibrations of my Harley as I charged through Ring road and trying my hardest to forget her scent, her laugh, her skin. I tried to forget those lips and those eyes but failed to prevent a tear from rolling down my cheek.

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