Coconut Oil: Nature’s answer to Beauty Problems

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In July 2016, the results of a survey in the United States (U.S.) showed that 72 percent of people think coconut oil is healthy. Despite the A+ grade of the oil that comes from noix de coco only 37 percent of nutritionists agree that it is healthy. This, however, has

Coconut oil

not stopped people from jumping ship when it comes to mineral oils to purchasing the different brands of coconut oil that are on sale. Nowadays, it is the most preferred choice for most domestic activities that require the presence of oils not excluding cooking. It features not only in fried food, but in sweets, shampoos, coffee, and smoothies.

With particular focus to how coconut oil can be used as a beauty product, here are 7 Ways it can be used as a beauty boost.

  • Removes Make-up: After an especially long and gruelling day at the office, ladies will definitely need to get rid of the day’s make-up. Normally, they would go for wipes or other forms of make-up removing solutions (facial cleansers) to get rid of what would by then be gunk running down in rivulets. The best bet at that time is coconut oil and because of its natural properties, it works well as a makeup remover. As a bonus, the face gets hydrated naturally and eyes won’t sting if it gets in there accidentally.
  • Soothes dry skin: When coconut oil is added to a detox bath along with other bathing ingredients, it helps to draw out toxins. This leaves the skin moisturized, relaxed and young-looking instead of taut like 500year old animal skin. When applied to the skin directly, it can speed up wound healing. Research found it to be quite successful in increasing hydration and reducing water loss in extremely dry skin.
  • Scalp Moisturizer: A lot of people have issues with dry scalps. Naturally, it can get to the point when having a dry scalp can be physically painful. Coconut oil helps soothe the scalp as the oils go down there to keep the area moisturized and discouraging dandruff growth
  • Perfect shine for Hair: According to research, coconut oil has better chances to penetrate hair and prevent protein loss than most other oils. If you have issues with getting your wild hair under control, a little bit of coconut oil can certainly help.
  • Moisturizes Lips: To prevent chapped and flaky lips, a dab of coconut oil to gloss up your lips is just what the doctor ordered. This keeps your lips moisturized and looking inviting.
  • Highlights your Cheeks: Ladies really don’t have to resort to chemical products to give their cheeks that irresistible and glowing look. Coconut oil does it all and keeps that beauty natural and healthy.
  • Gets Stretch Marks under control: People who have stretch marks and don’t like them can use Coconut oils to help the marks fade. Stretch marks can be visible around the arms, waist, breasts, thighs, buttocks and abdomen when the skin is overextended during pregnancy, body building and weight gain. Coconut oil helps with the discolouration, helps the marks fade and moisturizes the skin in those areas.


Stay beautiful.

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