EXCLUSIVE.. Joint account in marriage

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12,726 total views, 38 views today Marriage is the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship specifically between a man and a woman. Traditionally, when couples get married they typically merge their money. This serves as a symbolic gesture of showing the union of two

No Choice but to Love (Episode 4)

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11,575 total views, 18 views today I winced as I hit the punchbag again. I did my best to block out the pain and continued my hits. I had to. That was the only way to not remember; to stop the flood of memories. I hit again and again. I was sure

No choice but to love (Episode 3)

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12,204 total views, 18 views today The next four weeks went by in a haze as I was all by my lonesome in the compound. The caretaker came by once a week to see how things were going. He was a pleasant and jovial man who liked making small talk: something I

Ooni of Ife unveils new wife

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13,791 total views, 19 views today Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, on Friday unveiled his new wife, Queen Morenike Naomi Oluwaseyi. The new Queen, 25, a prophetess, is the Founder/President of En-Heralds, an interdenominational ministry based in Akure, Ondo state. She started public ministry at the age of eighteen and became

No choice but to love (Episode 2)

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361,040 total views, 610 views today I had one of the two two-bedroom flats in the compound of four flats in an estate just off Ring-road. After signing the required documents and paying all necessary fees for the next three years, I moved in on a Friday. The movers would arrive with

No choice but to love (Episode 1)

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447,337 total views, 772 views today Six months after the events that led to breaking things off with Pamela, it did not take much to convince me that I needed a fresh start; a new place without any reminders of the pains and ache that she brought to me. There were only


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12,220 total views, 18 views today I went out few days ago to visit my kid brother,while we were talking by the roadside a motorcycle passed us by with his passenger (a woman and her kid) few mins after they passed we head a loud noise ( the sound of the motorcycle

Love at Blind Sight (Ep. 6)

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12,646 total views, 18 views today After about a minute, she gave her answer. “Ok. Is your place far?” “No, it isn’t. It’s one of the BQs close to the clinic.” I answered. “Do you need to be carried?” “No, I can walk just fine and you’re not checking me out.” She

Love at Blind Sight (Ep. 5)

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384,477 total views, 1,039 views today “Yeah, you definitely should be going. To the clinic.” I added with mild sarcasm. I thought us guys were the ones who played macho? When exactly were roles reversed? “You do realise that you’re injured, right? I mean, it’s not that hard with the blood I

Love at Blind Sight (Ep. 4)

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8,253 total views, no views today So, in a predictable ‘hero’ fashion that usually gets the hero beaten to a pulp or worse, killed, I yelled. “Hey!” Of course he turned to observe what idiot was interrupting the beatdown he was dishing out and I was standing right there with my

Love at Blind Sight (Ep. 3)

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375,248 total views, 1,245 views today There are times at night when I just take a leisurely stroll around the school environment. I do it just to clear my head and just be alone; away from the noise and the bustle that is my neighbourhood. On this particular night, I went to

Don’t cry when I die. Harrysong

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7,995 total views, no views today Singer, Harrysong  shared a deep and emotional post on social media last night talking about how he wants to be remembered when he dies.   In his words, ‘don’t cry wen I die, celebrate, put up a kingmaker concert, empower more youths. I have lived, I have done